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his week's podcast features the following songs:
  Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar on Me
Buddy Holly - Wishing
Eminem - Not Afraid





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I try to get a new episode online each week at some point between Tuesday and Thursday, depending on how busy I am.

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Latest News

I promised it a long time ago, and I didn't forget! There's your song, Marissa. :P

There's also a song here for someone very special to me--someone who's defined me.

Ok, boys and girls. Official announcement! The songs have gotten just plain out of hand! The complexity means a three-minute song easily takes several hours to sing these days. I could much better be served doing wonderful things like watching television or doing actual work! Haha... and I'm just plain sick of it. Sooooo.. I'm calling it quits! Not immediately though.. I'm making it to forty episodes. Then I'm done. The big 4-0. That's all you're getting, bitches. If you want me to keep going, send me lots of money or put me on national television! Hahaha.. wouldn't that be nice?? :P You get five more weeks out of me anyhow! :D

I'm getting a bit sick of singing, I'm not gonna lie!

Yes, that's right. I can do entire guitar solos with my mouth.

February 3rd is the Day the Music Died... remember that, and be sad about it.

Some day I'll actually put up more downloadable versions of my favorite song!  :D


Woot Woot!